18 Sep

ACE Invited to Present at Fall 2017 IATE Conference

Les Lynn New Projects, News

Argument-Centered Education has been asked to present at the Fall 2017 Illinois Association of Teachers of English (IATE) conference in Bloomington-Normal in late October.  The title of Argument-Centered Education’s talk is

Re-imagining literacy instruction through academic argument: Using controversies and debates to inspire our students and ourselves every day

The theme of conference — with which our talk will accord — is Re-Imagine: Our Passion, Our Practice, Our Profession. 


12 Sep

NGSS-Aligned Professional Development Workshop on Argument & Scientific Reasoning

Les Lynn New Projects, News

Argument-Centered Education is conducting a Next Generation Science Standards aligned professional development workshop for middle and secondary school science teachers in Chicago, titled

Infusing Argument into Lab Reports, Science Exhibits, and Scientific Reasoning Assessments

The event will be hosted by Whitney Young Magnet High School (211 S. Laflin Ave.) on Saturday, October 21st, from 9am – 11am.  It is being sponsored by the Chicago Public Schools Office of Teaching and Learning. 


24 May

ACE Presenting at the 2017 NCTE Annual Convention

Les Lynn New Projects, News

Argument-Centered Education was invited to present at the 2017 Annual Convention of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and we will be presenting as part of a panel on close reading, literacy instruction, and argumentation.  The presentation will take place on Sunday, November 19th, at 12:45pm, in the convention center in St. Louis, Missouri.

We will take this opportunity to introduce to a wider audience a method that we have designed to enable students to apply close reading techniques to the harvesting and gathering of interpretive evidence, leading to the formulation of refined and nuanced interpretive arguments about texts. 


26 Apr

Announcing a Summer Workshop on Argument-Centered Instruction in the Chicago Suburbs

Les Lynn New Projects, News

Argument-Centered Education has been asked to provide a two-day workshop at Homewood-Flossmoor High School (999 Kedzie Ave., Flossmoor, IL), in the suburbs of Chicago this summer.  Taking place all day on July 27th and 28th, and part of Homewood-Flossmoor University, high school teachers from across the Chicago area (and beyond), and from across disciplines, are invited to register for the course, entitled

Become an ACE Teacher with Argument-Centered Education: A Cross-Disciplinary Framework for Construction and Supporting Academic Assertions


10 Mar

Looking in on an Argument-Centered Classroom

Les Lynn In Action, New Projects, News

For a look into a fully argument-centered classroom, click on the video below.  You’ll view a 7th grade reading class at Peirce International School, taught by Donna Lawrenz, as they conduct table debates on young adult novels.  The texts — Lord of the Flies, Camp, and The Goat — were selected and assigned by Ms. Lawrenz for their lexile levels, literary merit, and the interest they elicit in students (and teacher!).

Table debates are organized around a higher-order arguable issue on each novel — for example: Does Lord of the Flies  express the view that human beings are too primal and animalistic to sustain orderly civilization?  Debated (well) by 7th graders.

Peirce is in the second year of its partnership with Argument-Centered Education.  What you can see in its argument-centered classrooms are several academic performance-producing elements:

  • Full-class, energetic involvement
  • Ease with text-based argumentation
  • Refutation and the critical thinking it activates, tracked by students (difficult and unusual but essential)
  • High expectations for all
  • Results of teacher capacity-building

For additional views of argument-centered classrooms, take a look at the videos toward the bottom of this page.