21 Sep

How Arguing Improves Students’ Reasoning Skills

Les Lynn Common Core, The Debatifier

by Hans Villarica, Education Writer

American educators agreed last year that argumentative reasoning should be taught in schools when those in most states adopted the new Common Core State Standards a state-led effort to establish educational benchmarks to prepare kindergarten through 12th grade students for college and career. Reaching a similar consensus on how to teach the art of arguing, however, hasn’t been as easy. But a new study published in the journal Psychological Science could offer a solution in the form of dialogue.


17 Sep

Argument Holds a ‘Special Place’ in the Common Core

Gerald Graff Common Core, The Debatifier

by Gerald Graff

Since the Common Core State Standards are long and diffuse, not all readers notice the special emphasis they place on argument, far more than did any previous standards.  Also easy to overlook is that the CCSS highlight the type of argument in which students engage with opposing views, evaluating “the strength and weaknesses of multiple perspectives” and anticipating “counterclaims in opposition to their own assertions.” 


14 Sep

Welcome to The Debatifier

Les Lynn The Debatifier

Welcome to the launch of The Debatifier, an education blog administered by Argument-Centered Education. The name comes from our term ‘to debatify’ – which means, to infuse argumentation and debate into curriculum in order to produce energy, engagement, and college-directed thinking and literacy skills.